Tuesday, 6 October 2009

HandHeld Learning Day 1 - Quick wins and fun ideas shared

Some fantastic quick wins from schools in Leeds were shared by a headteacher and LA. Evolve is a partnership between Education Leeds, RM, City Learning Centres and schools.]http://www.evolveleeds.org.uk/butterflies.php

Katy also attended interesting seminar where Tony Vincent, a well known pioneer in educational handheld learning (from the US) shared some of his favourite free web applications. You do need to register for many of the applications with an email account so this could limit access for primary children outside of the school but you could start by using them in your classroom and some of the resources provide an embedd code which will allow the finished work to be shared in the MLE
Add voice to pictures and create your own talking picture, basically a moving mouth on a still image http://blabberize.com/
Make your own comic at http://pixton.com/
Lots of stop watch and timers at http://www.online-stopwatch.com/
For music lovers a Web-based audio editor, similar to GarageBand with lots of musical loopshttp://aviary.com/tools/myna
Online presentation tool http://prezi.com/
And just for fun ......For all those people that find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.
http://lmgtfy.com/ ... "Let me just goole that for you"
Place genuinely-placed rimshot in your multimedia work http://instantrimshot.com/

Lots more web applications can be found at http://simplespark.com/ and Tony's blog is at http://learninginhand.com/blog/

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