Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday - Day 3 of BETT 2009

Hello from Miss Potts and apologies for only blogging on day 3 of BETT. (Defeats the object of blogging but I really haven’t stopped ….learning!)
I spent Wednesday supporting the World Learning Forum at the show ( and I guided the Ministers for Education from Bahrain around the show. Interestingly their key focus was on Web2 and we spent a lot of time looking at the London MLE (Fronter). Jim Knight opened the show and spoke extensively about the government’s commitment to addressing the Digital Divide and building parental confidence.

On Thursday Steve and I visited the RM’s Future Learning space, a separate exhibition in Olympia 2 next door to the main hall. Steve as already written about the touchless motion-sensing technology, there was also exciting multi-sensory technology from the same supplier SpaceKraft

Also of interest was furniture from ISIS including a pod to create a big brother diary room in school and there was alos extensive 3D world technology.
The evening brought the BETT awards and we were delighted that 2Simple won ICT Company of the year.

Today (Friday) I met with several headteachers and ICT co-ordiantors as well as spending time with Liz Entwhistle from the eary years team. We worked through all the EY technologies and applications to bring you the essentials, which we think are:

Q and D multi-media software If you’ve not got BEEP BEEP from this award winner from 2008, then we highly recommend you do.

Espresso won BETT Award 2009 for Early years solution

Mantra lingua A high quality multimedia resource, which combines a real book and a record able pen. .

Story phones

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